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Du học Mỹ: Tri-City Christian Academy (Chandler, Arizona)


2211 W Germann Rd, Chandler, AZ 85286, Hoa Kỳ

+1 480-245-7902

I- Giới thiệu chung về trường:

Tri-City Christian Academy là một Christian school tại thành phố Chandler, bang Arizona (Southwest corner of Dobson and Germann).

Trường được thành lập năm 1971, dạy chương trình K-12.

Trường có các môn thể thao như volleyball, soccer, basketball, golf, baseball và track.

Nhiều hoạt động khác cũng được tổ chức thường xuyên tại trường suốt năm học.


Tri-City Christian Academy (TCA) is a private Christian school in Chandler, AZ that has provided a quality education for students in pre-kindergarten through the 12th grade since 1971.

A ministry of Tri-City Baptist Church, TCA seeks to develop lifelong learners through superior academics, a well-rounded curriculum and a focused emphasis on spiritual growth and Biblical training.

The school is accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).


II- Các chương trình giảng dạy:


– Trường dạy chương trình từ pre-kindergarten tới lớp 12 (K-12).


– Có 3 khối lớp:


JUNIOR HIGH: Grades 7-8

HIGH SCHOOL: Grades 9-12


– Các chương trình thể thao dành cho học sinh:

TCA offers a wide range of athletic opportunities that complement the academic life.

In the fall, TCA offers boys varsity soccer and girls varsity volleyball which compete against schools all over the state of Arizona in the Charter Athletic Association (CAA).

In the winter we offer basketball and in the spring we offer a full schedule including golf, baseball, soccer, track, or co-ed intramurals that bring everyone together for fun and fellowship.

We also have an elementary program that runs after-school volleyball, soccer and basketball for 4th through 6th grade boys and girls.


TCA is small enough to be a family, but big enough to offer extracurricular activities to stretch each student, wherever their talents lie.

Tri-City Christian Academy believes extracurricular activities play an integral part in a student’s education.

Drama, band, choir, and intra-scholastic athletics are just some of the activities that TCA offers.


III- Chi phí (ước tính):


a- Application fee:

600 USD (One time, non-refundable).


b- Học phí thay đổi tùy cấp độ/lớp và chương trình học:

– Grades K5–6th : $5,800.00

– Grades 7th–12th : $6,300.00

– ESL Classes : $80.00 per week


IV- Các lưu ý khi phỏng vấn xin visa:


a- Schedule the consular interview.

These interviews are conducted by U.S. State Department Consular Officers and take place at the embassy or consulate.

Some consulates/embassies request that students submit the required documentation before scheduling the interview, and others conduct the entire process on the same day.


b- The purpose of this interview is for a consular officer to determine:

– The student’s academic interests and English language proficiency.

– The applicant is a legitimate candidate for a student visa.

è The student should be ready to prove that he/she is seeking a visa only for educational purposes and not planning to stay in the U.S.  Be prepared to show ties to home country: evidence of a family business or family-owned real estate.


c- Một số câu hỏi thường gặp trong quá trình phỏng vấn:

– Why are you going to the U.S.?

– Tell me about the school and why you wish to enroll there.

– What does the school offer that your current school does not?

– Where is the school located?

– How will studying at the school benefit you when you return home?

– What are your test scores and GPA?

– How will you manage the cultural and educational differences in the U.S.?

– How much does your school cost?

– How do you plan to fund the entire duration of your education?

– Do you have a copy of your bank statement?

– Do you have relatives or friends currently in the U.S.?

– What are your plans after graduation?

– Are you sure you won’t stay in the U.S.?


V- Hạn nộp hồ sơ để xin cấp I-20 của trường:

– Học kỳ mùa thu (FALL semester): ngày 1 tháng 6 (August admission – fall semester).

– Học kỳ mùa xuân (SPRING semester): 1 tháng 10 (January admission – spring semester).



Please make sure all forms have all required signatures. 

Admissions proceedings will not be initiated until all forms are complete and all documents received.

  1. Transcripts (translated in English) of all academic work completed from grade 7 to present
  2. Birth Certificate (with English translation)
  3. Copy of passport identification page
  4. Proof of Financial Support – letter from employer verifying annual income or letter from bank verifying savings accounts and current balance
  5. Health History and Physical Examination Forms
  6. Immunizations Verification Form
  7. Notarized Appointment of Guardianship
  8. Acceptance of Guardianship (to be completed by appointed guardian)
  9. Faith Background Assessment
  10. English Language Proficiency Exam: We accept the iTEP SLATE, TOEFL or TOEFL Junior.

– Grades 3-12: iTEP SLATE, minimum score of 4

– Grades 3-8: TOEFL Junior, minimum score of 3

– Grades 9-12: TOEFL iBT, minimum score of 61

Grades 9-12: TOEFL ITP, minimum score of 500


VII- Website của trường:


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